Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brethren Keeps Ringing

I got an e-mail today from a lady who lives in Denver. I knew her from Martin. She wrote that she was playing bells at her new church and she had asked the director if they had ever played any of my pieces. The director - at that time - said she didn't remember ever playing anything with my name on it. then this past week in rehearsal she brought out a new song. It was "Brethren"! The lady who wrote me told me she stopped the rehearsal and told everyone that she knew me and that we were in Martin at the same time.

How fun is that?

We started "Brethren" at Hilldale this past Sunday too.
Hilldale's handbell choir at festival.
It was already in their library. They did great playing through it for their first time. It takes playing it for awhile to get comfortable with all of the key changes, the syncopations and the marts at interesting times. The music says it is a level 3, but I've always thought it was a level 4.

This site handbells.com brought to you by Gold Coast Music co. lists it as level 4. I think that is more acurate.

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